Inlaid Lichtenberg Figures Electrically by HighVoltageEffects

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This is a Lichtenberg figure. It is a pattern that is caused by a lightning strike.

"Lightning Flowers" caused naturally by lightning strike. Survivors can have these marks for hours or a day or so.

lightning strike scar lichtenberg figure 1 Lichtenberg Figures: The Fractal Patterns of Lightning Strike Scars

Being struck by lightning is a dangerous and scary experience and can even be fatal. Sometimes, the electrical discharge can leave a tattoo-like marking or scar known as a Lichtenberg figure.

How to catch lightning: the magic of Lichtenberg figures | Cosmos

"Lichtenberg figure" x x Captured Lightning (Lichtenberg figure) sculpture being discharged inside a large slab of clear acrylic (Plexiglas/Perspex). This specimen was.

Trap Lightning in a Block by popsci: How Lichtenberg figures are made. #LIghtning #Lichtenberg_Figures

To create beautiful electrical-charge patterns like this, you could use a giant particle accelerator. But shag carpeting will also do just fine. Watch how Lichtenberg figures are made in our amazing video

How to Make a Lichtenberg Figure in 4 Steps: This Lichtenberg figure was made by shooting a beam of electrons (~2.2 million volts) through an insulator. The pattern is illuminated by blue LEDs.

How to Make a Lichtenberg Figure (Frozen Lightning)

Lichtenberg figures are branching structures formed from an electrical discharge on an insulator. Here& a simple way to make a Lichtenberg figure yourself.