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Photo (Lost in America)

A church took us in, I don't remember when. I had taken off my shoes and was tiptoeing to my sleeping bag on the hard, rough carpet. It was a familiar feeling, sleeping in such a place, being there, it was the one place I didn't feel intrusive.


2girls absurdres arc_system_works bare_shoulders blazblue blazblue:_continuum_shift blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts casual_one-piece_swimsuit cleavage fingernails food green_eyes hand_holding highres ice_cream interlocked_fingers knees knees_together_feet_apart knees_touching looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multiple_girls noel_vermillion official_art one-piece_swimsuit pink_hair popsicle red_hair sitting small_breasts swimsuit thighhighs tongue tsubaki_yayoi white_swimsuit