" Quando em uma criatura se tornas ... Perceba que não foi poder que ganhou com esta tranformação . Em sua aparencia jaz apenas o que habita em seu coração . E por isso nunca derrotaras aquele que tem no sangue a prova do mais puro amor . Pois aquilo que desconheces não poderás derrotar . " by P!v

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"I can speak to snake too, is that normal for someone like me?" - Tom riddle to Dumbledore.

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Voldemort by Thuddleston.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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I would LOVE to have this for my living room! It would look great with all my movie posters!

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Harry Potter Pictures, Images and Graphics

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Supernatural Forces/Deities: Lord Voldemort, in a way, is the Harry Potter equivalent of the Greek god Hades. Hades ruled the underworld and was patron of evil. Voldemort rules the dark side of the wizarding world and is the most feared wizard. Like Hades, people refer to Voldemort for their death.

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Banchetta di sambuco

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"Did you know - then?" "Did I know that I had just met the most dangerous Dark wizard of all time? No."

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Voldemort coming up with his name.

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Ralph Fiennes was already pretty terrifying as Lord Voldemort, but he would have been even scarier if he had had book-Voldemort’s “livid scarlet eyes”. | If The Characters Of "Harry Potter" Looked Like They Did In The Books

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