How to Host a Tiki Party - Always Order Dessert

How to Host a Tiki Party

Try this easy fresh pineapple salsa recipe. Perfect for a taco bar, summer party, bbq, or cinco de mayo fiesta!

Chicken Salad on Hawaiian Rolls; why didnt I do it like this for the bridal shower?! Yum!!!

I like the idea of kahlua pig of teriaki chicken on the Hawaiian sweet bread rolls. :-) Chicken Salad on Hawaiian Rolls;

Cheese Island ~ for tropical themed party

This "Cheddar Island" is an adorable and fanciful way to put out your summer cheese plate - or, in the dead of winter, when you're hosting that tropical-themed party to lift everyone's spirits.

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Ideias para Servir Fruta em Festas

So I Saw This Tutorial ...: A Tiki Pool Party

We just recently had my daughters birthday party and it was a Tiki Tiki Pool Party :) I spent weeks looking for ideas and I think it tu.

Sweet Polynesian Meatballs recipe from @SixSistersStuff makes an easy meal for the family.

Sweet Polynesian Meatballs

Sweet Polynesian Meatballs recipe from Six Sisters Stuff makes an easy meal for the family.

Authentic Hawaiian Macaroni Salad is ridiculously simple. It is a no-frills mac salad yet so creamy and flavorful.  Serve with pulled pork, great for Luaus.

AKA for eating alongside loco moco Authentic Hawaiian Macaroni Salad aka "Mac Salad" - When living in Hawaii I ate this all the time, serioulsy, this is the real deal. A no-frills, creamy mac salad that is the perfect side dish for any BBQ or Luau.

Host a backyard tiki party with these budget-friendly luau recipes and party ideas.

Easy-to-Make Luau Food

The filling was amazing, but I'm not a huge fan of the egg roll wrappers. And, I would definitely make full-sized egg rolls next time! I still prefer the store-bought frozen egg rolls. Must find another recipe!