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I hate that feeling when I'm hit with emotion At an unexpected time. I smell that soap from pre-k and think of that teacher I loved and during nap time how I (Bottle Photography People)

I think of my Pop every time I see a dragonfly, because that was my sign he sent me many years ago, to show me that he was there - Dragonfly Sign from our Angels

Interior Design's Greatest Inspiration: Mother Nature

Dragonfly Waiting for the Sun Copyright- Patrick Zephyr Nature Photography. All Materials appearing on this site are the property of Patrick ZephyrNature Photography. All Rights Reserved.

cute idea for a litter box, or a place with a bed for when they need to hid or just get away. A closet just for them!!!

DIY Home Projects

cat tray - banish it to a dark cupboard and cut a decorative doorway for the cat! or build a 'box' to cover it if you don't have a handy cupboard!

{Open, Jacob} I sit in my room staring out the window. They said I could go soon, as long as my surgery went well. I'd heard that before. I sigh as there's a knock on my door.

Dream Cast: Callan McAuliffe to play Ian O'Donnell, the first person to welcome Elizabeth Hawthorne-Evans to new school. He is crazy about her and is very protective, especially when Colin Grant is around.

Africa | Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said. Small Blue Door inside Larger Door. | ©Charles O Cecil

Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said. Small Blue Door inside Larger Door, by Charles O Cecil

St. Esteve | France, Provence 2013 | Tomasz Chrapek | Flickr

Dream sets us on fire. Dream gives us direction. Dream betters our potential. Dream helps us prioritize. Dream adds value to our work and life. Dream colors our future.