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5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer

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“ “Luke Hemmings for Billboard Magazine ” ”

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[ fc - lucas ] "hello, i'm luke. i'm 18 years old and single! i have a little sister named sarah. i'm in a band with three idiots." i chuckle. "i guess there's not really much to me.. i like penguins and food." i shrug. "introduce?"

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Omg I remember when he was posting covers like it was yesterday. Look at him now! Facial hair and everything. My baby grew up.

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Please follow me on wattpad angelforever30 if you want to read a cool story

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Oh my gosh! Guys look at Luke's eyes!<3

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"hey. names luke. yes, luke hemmings. lena and lisa are my little sisters. hurt them and you're dead. i play guitar and sing in a band called 5 seconds of summer. i am 21 and single but not looking at all. come say hey if you want."

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"Ello. Im Luke! Im 20 years old and the lead singer in a band. Im single and looking for a girlfriend. I can be a flirt sometimes. Im a lover of music, penguins, hot chocolate, and pizza. I love Christmas time. I can't wait to spend the season with my loved one and hopefully some new friends. Come say hi!"

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((Luke Hemmings)) Luke) smiles "Hey, I'm Luke! I'm single and a werewolf. I don't hate any species. Um... Okay?" Chuckles "Come say hi!"

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The thing about this picture that makes me sad is that I think that the hand belongs to Arzaylea I could be wrong, dear Lord let me be wrong

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