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They need to accept reality... Trump is now our leader get over it. We did when Obama was elected


The warped logic of the liberal ‘pro-choice’ mind. It’s simple really: children should never be killed, no matter what stage of life they may find themselves in.


You had to open that can of worms. A female condition men stupidly orchestrate, yet then complain when they can't deal with the consequences.

de Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Facebook Wednesday …. Plus!!!

hmmm lol! More

As we’ve seen before Liberals have a really odd definition of “love” & of “hate”…


I believe in freedom of expression and speech, but for service members, this stands for everything we believe in and fight for

Just showing their true colors… – Liberal Logic 101

As someone who has been a liberal since age 13, I'm sorry to say that this isn't even a parody. How did my 'team' get so profoundly stupid?