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Mine would be Mandalorian Armor Awesome Durable Armor with a Flamethrower built in

Large armour plates, dark colours with some minor colour detail.

Armor Templates

Sometimes you can bend and reshape male plates to fit a female figure. Female templates are extremely hard to come by, plus if you have a little art skill it makes it easier.

Wow! Awesome Elvish take on Mandalorian armor!

Elvish take on Mandalorian armor - really like the filigree on the helmet and chest plates!

Mandalorian Extractor by TheIllustrativeMan on DeviantArt

A true Fett, a true warrior, a true mandalorian: rwby x reader - Prologue - Page 4 - Wattpad

Awsome looking mandalorian Cosplay

10 Awe-Inspiring Star Wars Cosplay Ideas

Habu Fett Original Cosplay by Luis Linares, photo by Joits Photography This is incredible, I want to be this good someday