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What Is the Valsalva Maneuver? (Increasing Vagal Tone)

What Good Is the Valsalva Maneuver? Valsalva Maneuver or Valsalva Manoeuvre-- is performed by moderately forceful attempted exhalation against a closed airway, usually done by closing one's mouth, pinching one's nose shut while pressing out as if blowing up a balloon. Variations of the maneuver can be used either in medical examination as a test of cardiac function and autonomic nervous control of the heart, or to "clear" the ears and sinuses (that is, to equalize pressure between them) when ambient pressure
Get Water Out Of Ear

How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear Fast

Valsalva maneuver uses and dangers
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Valsalva Maneuver to get water out of ear

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear