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Simon & Marcy - Adventure Time

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Marceline the vampire queen - adventure time Galaxy hair

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Let's go in the garden. You'll find something waiting right there where you left it lying upside down. When you finally find it, you'll see how it's faded. The underside is lighter when you turn it around. Everything stays right where you left it. Everything stays but it still changes ever so slightly, daily and nightly in little ways when everything stays." -Marceline

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Mais Gótica, Menos Hipster

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Marceline está muito fodástica neste desenho. *-*

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Marceline mascando...CHICLETE?!

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Marceline outfits. I'm thinking the red jacket and infinity scarf one :)

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n sei pq mas achei esse desenho muito amorzinho ;3

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Mundos alternativos que o rei do gelo inventou.

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"And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?"

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