@Maureen Carlson  - Might I tempt you?  LOL  Add them to your LONG lists of projects.  haha  Ok, so you don't really have to, but I did think they were cute and wanted you to see.  :)

WolfDreamer: Luigi Plushie -- There are plenty more awesome "Mario" patterns on this site as well.

Free pattern on Ravelry called Mini Yoshi Friend by Mary Smith

This Mini Yoshi Gamer Friend, inspired by Yoshi is the perfect companion for that special little game-loving boy or girl in your life! He is tall sitting or tall standing and just perfect to hold in your hand!

This was one of the first projects I made - super simple just need to know how to read a pattern and single crochet.

Free Pattern: WolfDreamer: Mario Plushie Luigi and other Super Mario patterns available too!

Piranha Plant - Mario Bros Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Super Mario Piranha Plant - free crochet pattern via damn it Janet, let's crochet!

Mario Super Star Coasters! - CROCHET

Crochet Super Mario Star Coasters - Free Pattern (use chromium star blanket pattern, ravelry)

Mario blanket  #Gaming #VideoGames #Crochet

My sister crocheted this old school Mario blanket

Ravelry: MalonB's Tunisian Crochet -" ? Block and Coins Pillow!    (Use chart at

Block & Coins pillow made via tunisian crochet. Question Block and Coins Pillow - Tunisian Crochet