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Yes, because no one wants to have someone boring .... Unless its Levi (i sorry i had to do that)

I Love Senpai by IvaTheHuman on DeviantArt

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Markiplier on

Dab like you mean it,Mark! But, what happened to the Shoosh?

coolio throughout this hole thing he is still the cutest man alive love you Mark !!!!!❤️❤️❤️

I honestly have no idea what I'd do without these 2. They made my life so much brighter.

I love everything about this picture from him standing in front of a wall full of donuts to him wearing a T-shirt that says future president

This is what every potatoe says when they see sasha. XD

Ok, I loved the moment when he said that in one of his videos and when I found this image was like a heartshot

This made me so happy :,). Markiplier: the savior of Five Nights At Freddy's << This actually makes me sad