Matthew McGrory.

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Matthew McGrory was a  7' 6" actor.  He had a pleasant deep voice and appeared in movies and TV shows, notably Big Fish, Men in Black II, Carnivale, Malcolm in the Middle and Charmed.  He died suddenly in 2005 at the age of 32.  At the time of his death, he had the Guinness record for largest feet, size 29 1/2.

Matthew McGrory was in real life. He died in age He was the giant in Big Fish.

Aveleyman - Matthew McGrory

Aveleyman - Matthew McGrory

Matthew "Tiny" McGrory - actor - born May 17, 1973, Westchester, PA. Died August 09, 2005 at age 32.

Matthew "Tiny" McGrory - actor - born May Westchester, PA. Died August 2005 at age

Matthew McGrory, Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery, Springfield, PA

A native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, he is best remembered for his role as the gentle giant, 'Karl' in the 2003 film, "Big Fish.

Big Fish Actor Matthew McGrory Dies at 32,,1092433,00.html

Big Fish Actor Matthew McGrory Dies at 32

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Matthew McGrory The tallest man

Matthew McGrory 1973.5.17-2005.8.9

Matthew McGrory 1973.5.17-2005.8.9

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