Max Cavalera

Max Cavalera of a. Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly, ex-Sepultura

Dave Mustaine, Lemmy, Phil Anselmo, Ozzy, James Hetfield, Rob Flynn, Rob Zombie?, Corey Taylor, Dio, Kerry King, Randy Blythe, Joey Belladonna, Eddie, Jens Kidman, Chuck Billy, Alice Cooper, Angela Gossow, No Idea, King Diamond, Till Lindemann, Dimebag, ???, Abbath, Mitch Lucker, Max Cavalera

Who the heck is the guy with the glasses?

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amiranizer:“Talkin’ tough with the Torvil and Dean of Thrash Metal" : Max Cavalera of SEPULTURA and Lemmy Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD back in from Kerrang!