The brilliance of Medieval art - Imgur. The bedbird!!!

The brilliance of Medieval art

The Monks are at it again. Always explaining history and life. from The Toast<<< monk 2 sounds like he's smoking some good shit

Stained glass Windows of Cathedral of Chartres, France - A UNESCO World Heritage Site. ... Chartres blue ... Philippe's eyes ...

The Good Samaritan Window, Cathedral of Notre-Dame: Chartres, France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rabbit blowing a horn. Among the marginal creatures populating medieval manuscripts musical animals are fairly common.

Awake the Trumpets Lofty Sound Petrus Comestor, Historia scholastica (Ashridge Petrus Comestor), England ca. British Library, Royal 3 D VI, fol.

We need more medieval art in 9gag

It does make you wonder what the context was for medieval artists painting bizarre stuff.

Morris and Morris Tapestry from the Arts and Crafts Movement. A design movement from 1860 to 1910. It stood for traditional craftsmanship using romantic,medieval and folk styles of decoration. It was a reaction against industry at the time.


Embroidered wall hanging 'The Owl' worked in silks on a background of silk damask, designed by John Henry Dearle, ca. and embroidered by Mrs Battye, ca. made by Morris & Co.

paisley + patterns: alchemy and hermetic science at alchemical arts

Image from the century manuscript on alchemy Clavis Artis, attributed to Zoroaster. Biblioteca dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma, vol.