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Leedsichthys, along with a number of other animals we have talked about in our "Top Ten: Extinct Sea Monsters:" Basilosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Dunkleosteus, Archelon, Megalodon, Tanystropheus, and, of course, Leedsichthys. Hesperornis is also on there, as well.

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Momento Inspiração #08 [ Kraken ]… « KCildis!

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Guirlanda de concha -Natal -Artesanato -Decoração

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Mermaid Mirror Makes the perfecf Mermaid Gift for by mayrafabuleux

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Quero um desce na minha próxima aventura...

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Breaching shark comimg out from under the blue depths

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Megalodon Alex - Google+ cute! :) gogira-like

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Cenas incríveis e perturbadoras do mundo dos dinossauros

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heart 2 ===== megalodon sightings ===== megalodon sightings. Although there are some videos out there that may lead you to believe it's a megalodon sighting video, the real thing simply does not that true.

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