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Office vs retail jobs

Non retail people have no idea how true this is. Especially the if you have time to lean you have time to clean. That one. Bah. :P

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Unfortunately, we still have to do this even if the've been wearing them for a year.

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[Image Description: Background is several triangles in a circle like a pie alternating from true red, scarlet and black. A robin is sitting ...

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Are You Excited For Christmas

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if i had a nickel for every time someone said this to me, i'd have a lot of nickels!:)

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One of my biggest pet peeves and downright rude...someone not acknowledging you when you say hello!! #rude #hello #petpeeve

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Yep!!, lol!!! More

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YEEEEESSSS! Here's my fav. I can't find so and so. I show them "oh my goodness had that been a snake itta bit me." Ugh whatever lol t.b

"Why are you out of this item?" we sold them all. | Retail Robin | Meme Generator

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25 Pictures That Will Give Retail Workers Intense Flashbacks

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