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Seeking girly cool tattoos ought to be anything but exciting and crazy, regardless of what style of gal tattoo design you might be after.

Best Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women ~~~ Okay, I'm kind of in love with this idea of having a piece of writing that has special meaning to you and surrounding it with flowers like this. The aesthetic of this piece is so beautiful. Not too "girly" for my taste.

Half Sleeve Tattoos

Best Half Sleeve Tattoos for Women and Men with meaning. Unique flower designs for girls, cool tribal half sleeve tattoo ideas for guys and more!

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This is sometging that i would consider. Amazing Tattoos Body Art Designs and Ideas Pictures Gallery For Men and Women

Freehand half sleeve for Men

Finished freehand half sleeve for my client Steffan who is moving out to LA this week to pursue his career in music! I wish you all the best it was such a pleasure tattooing you ☺️

Love how they added the name into the pearls

Rose, other flowers, peacock feather, pocket watch, anchor. I would have this minus the skull and with bits of colour through the peacock feather and flowers

26 Amazing Steampunk Tattoos For Men and Women

tattoo design for a friend, i know the gears are a little rough, but they were pretty hard to draw just by hand lol steam punk compass