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Mensagem De Carencia

“Li que o maior alucinógeno que existe é a carência. Nada mais verdadeiro. A carência vê amor onde não tem. Vê o que quer ver pra suprir algo que só se vence com amor próprio. E só com amor próprio...


viver em estado de carencia mental


Cuidado com a carência. Ela pode te fazer enxergar amor, onde não tem.


"Alert! There's a shortage of chocolate croissants in lynchburg. If you can read this message send all croissants asap. This has been a public service announcement. " Repost from @zackarp, featured photographer #22 - check his words and photos on #Lumulightmeter #ExpressYourself

Anonymous Message To Corrupt Mainstream Media

There’s no shortage of advice on how to declutter your mind, but there’s something missing in all the scattered opinions. One essential, core message.

de The Huffington Post

6 Dos and Don'ts for Promoting Your Blog and Using Social Media

Using social media can definitely help you get the word out about your blog if you use it correctly, and it all boils down to just three things: listening, planning and concentrating on relationships....


Since I heard about Black Friday in the US, I expected that at least one mall get destroyed every year because of that. XD We tried to put this trend in France this year, but... it just sucks. It doesn't go beyond 10% discount and that's only for specific products.