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Mensagem De Carencia

“Li que o maior alucinógeno que existe é a carência. Nada mais verdadeiro. A carência vê amor onde não tem. Vê o que quer ver pra suprir algo que só se vence com amor próprio. E só com amor próprio...

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viver em estado de carencia mental

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Cuidado com a carência. Ela pode te fazer enxergar amor, onde não tem.

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Questão de maturidade

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Pétalas Soltas

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Clarice Falcão

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"Alert! There's a shortage of chocolate croissants in lynchburg. If you can read this message send all croissants asap. This has been a public service announcement. " Repost from @zackarp, featured photographer #22 - check his words and photos on #Lumulightmeter #ExpressYourself

Weakness we have all but no one is a weakling We all have unprecedented powers in our body. We often underestimate ourselves and dare not anywhere to start because we think we do not have the abilities or qualities for it. But knowledge we can learn or gain experience by doing so with nothing and nowhere to start we will always keep the weak in this area. Every champion or successful person was first a novice and needy by powerlessness on the core idea of the matter. In it we are all equal…

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Balloon wall

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