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Mensagem De Conforto Falecimento

de Frases do Bem

Se há algum conforto na morte de alguém que amamos, é o de saber que a pessoa está indo pra um lugar onde não há tristeza, maldade e dor.

Saudades eternas. 💔😢😭😔


Sempre estará em meu coração...... Um dia nos encontramos... Enquanto isso, Deus o abençoará


mensagem de conforto falecimento | Mensagem de conforto falecimento


Resultado de imagem para mensagem de conforto falecimento de uma criança para minha amiga

Mensagem de falecimento - Belas Mensagens


Pleading With God in Prayer | Challies Dot Com. Great post from Tim Challies about what I call "differently answered #prayer"... it's not unanswered!

de The Art of Manliness

Why Carry a Handkerchief

Every man should carry a handkerchief. Why? "Be sure to put one in your pocket when you go see a tear-jerker movie with your girlfriend or accompany your wife to a funeral. When women are feeling vulnerable, they’ll really appreciate your offer of a soft hankie. It’s a gallant and chivalrous gesture; there’s just something comforting about it."

Pet Loss - Just Over The Rainbow Bridge is a place that was created to promote healing, provide comfort, and includes a fabulous visitor's center for those who have expressed the sentiment "I wish rainbow bridge had visitors hours.":


3rd body challenge done and dusted and although I still have a bit of a ways to go to reach my current goals I'm happy to say that I have maintained my progress these past 16 weeks even with a bit of indulging. This lifestyle never ceases to amaze me even when life gets in the way and you hit a few bumps in the road it is comforting knowing that I can get back on track with EASE while enjoying myself along the way!! I will be registering for my 4th body challenge on SUNDAY may 15th! Can't…