Chocolate Layered Hazelnut Pavlova
Crocante por fora, macio e cremoso por dentro: o rocambole de merengue e frutas vermelhas impressiona e é mais fácil de fazer do que parece (Foto: StockFood / Gallo Images Pty Ltd.)
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Nham, nham...
Cranberry merengue roulade
This is a great chilled dessert to feed a crowd, and impress them too. Often egg yolks are left over after making meringue, but here they’re used to make lemon curd and to give a luxurious filling. This recipe makes more lemon curd than you need to fill the roulade. The extra can be stored in a jar, and given as a homemade Easter present. Equipment: You will need an electric mixer.
Red berry meringue roulade... 30 mins to prepare and 15 mins to cook...  2 hrs 00 mins to cool... Serves 8...
Lemon meringue
Lemon meringue - in a roulade! Trust Mary Berry to reinvent the classic.