Covalent bonds are the sharing of electrons to reach octet and ionic are the transfer of electrons from one element to another.

Charles Faulkner this helps me remember them Chemical bonding; Covalent =sharing to fill octet, easily broken up like dating, Ionic =bonded by charge/marriage

Metallic Bonding Doodle Notes worksheet.

Metallic Bonding Doodle Notes

Metallic Bonding Doodle Notes worksheet.

Polar-Covalent Bonds: a bond between two non-metals where the electrons are unequally shared. -Jillian Charland

Shmoop Chemistry explains Bonding: Covalent and Ionic Bonds. Part of our Types of Bonds and Orbitals Learning Guide. Learning and teaching resource for Bonding: Covalent and Ionic Bonds written by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley

Metallic Bonding Doodle Notes

Metallic Bonding Doodle Notes

Intro to Chemistry: Metallic Bonding - YouTube

Join award winning teachers Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams as they interactively teach Chemistry: Metallic Bonding

Chemistry Tutorial : Metallic Bonding and Properties of Metals

Metallic bonds and their effect on the physical properties of metals tutorial for chemistry students.

Metallic Bonding Animation - YouTube

Here is a short clip of a new animation I am working on for my project with The Great Courses. Expect a surge of new ChemSurvival videos based on these anima.

Sea of e- in Aluminum; Metallic bonding & metallic properties

Metallic Bonding and Metallic Properties Explained: Electron Sea Model — Crash Chemistry Academy

Metallic Bonding - YouTube

021 - Metallic Bonding In this video Paul Andersen explains how metallic bonding structure creates the different properties of metals. The electron sea model.