Michael Raymond James and a most human like doggie.

Michael Raymond James (True Blood, Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time) comforting his scared dog

Emma and Neal's first and last time together. Jennifer Morrison and Michael Raymond James from the TV Show "Once Upon A Time".

Neil and Emma were my favorite OUAT couple. Him dying killed me, I really wanted them to find their Tallahassee together. I guess I can find it in me to support Emma with Hook now, even though I'll never get over Neil.

OUAT 20 Dqy Challenge Favorite Male Character: Baelfire/Neal

Picture: Michael Raymond-James in 'Terriers.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Michael Raymond-James featuring 19 pictures.

Michael Raymond-James

Michael Raymond-James he looks like a puppy dog with those soulful eyes and cute little nose

Dylan Schmid(Baelfire) and Michael Raymond-James(Neal)

Once Upon a Time premiere challenge day Dylan Schmid (Baelfire) and Michael Raymond-James (Neal)

Michael Raymond James miss him!

Photo of MRJ in Terriers: 'Sins of the Past' for fans of Michael Raymond-James. Michael Raymond-James as Britt Pollack in the Terriers episode 'Sins of the Past'

Day 19- I wish Neal was back. I miss him. Even if he will come back for a second just to say hello to Henry and Rumple I'll be pleased

Michael Raymond as Neal Cassidy / Baelfire (Henry's father / Rumplestilskin's son)🕵