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Milagre Economico

Casamento real e econômico

Estante decorativa com as lembrancinhas em formato de corações de feltro no casamento da Letícia e do Clauber com o tema rockabilly em São Paulo, onde o casal fez a própria decoração.


The sea and the boats - Van Gogh


História alemã mostra que não há milagre econômico sem perdão de dívida…


“Photo by @BrianSkerry A Gray Seal folds its flippers and poses underwater in the Gulf of Maine. Extending from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia, the Gulf of Maine…”


Holy Cross at Sunrise by Sean MacEntee. #Christian leaders issued a statement calling on presidential candidates to address #climatechange and economic inequality, for first presidential debate in Cleveland on Thursday via National Deseret News #CVFNews


Growth miracles and growth debacles : exploring root causes / Sambit Bhattacharyya

Clube das Loterias: Foco Lotofácil da Independência 2015

The Making of Miracles in Indian States: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat (Studies in Indian Economic...

The New Debate Over Bed Nets And Malaria Prevention

The positive externality is going away, decreasing it's value. First the antibiotic superbug and now this, you'd think that we'd learn to stop relying on one thing as the miracle cure. In medical Anthropology class, I learned that sometimes ppl use bed nets to fish because they are starving, but I wonder if it would be healthy to ingest traces of insecticide, especially if they start using stronger stuff.


Donald Trump’s con game gets deeper: After Carrier, his supporters expect miracles