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Dicas de Fantasias para Halloween

Direto de Pandora, Avatar! Neste dia das bruxas, que tal ficar parecendo um Na'vi? Basta se pintar de azul e tudo está pronto!


minion caramel apples | Obs: Para que a maçã do amor fique colorida, basta trocar o corante ...


Via claycord Estamos quase no Halloween e lembrei-me de procurar por Jack-O-Lanterns, as abóboras decoradas para a véspera do dia de To...

25 Various Witches Illustration Artworks

Vampire sorceress

Witchcraft and execution: the darker side of Gambia

Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh rounds up, tortures and kills his citizens under the pretext of hunting for witches. Amnesty International estimates that at least six people died after Jammeh’s minions forced them to drink a mixture of unknown substances. Dozens more hallucinated and suffered severe and lingering pain. Those who survived suffered shame from the accusation in a country where people believe in and condemn witches.

I love Tweety Bird! :)


Kids Halloween Costumes (15 Pics)


witch broomstick magnets needlepoint plastic canvas

The new release is entitled “Snoopy’s Haunted House” and features Snoopy’s doghouse decorated for the Halloween season. Description from I searched for this on


Samhain printables for Pagan kids