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brenna-ivy: “ To celebrate the start of I give you the Modern Male Witch Bathroom! I’ve been casually working on this for weeks and I finally finished the animation today. This is an older.

Beautiful tarot deck from Starchild Tarot!

You got an hour to get to Batavia to learn something! ( Still time to sneak into Brea's Tarot Workshop tonight! You can get a ten dollar ticket with code GETGOLDEN or pay 10 at the door.

SIGIL ~ INNER PEACEHere is a sigil I did for the Artbook~ It’s a sigil to achieve inner peace and tranquility. Enjoy and use it as you want ♥ Just don’t repost!

Beginner Witchcraft Master Post My most commonly asked question is “I want to start witchcraft but I don’t know where to start!” I decided to make this little beginner witchcraft master post so people.