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Monica Lewinski Is BACK In One HILARIOUS Picture That Hillary Wants GONE! HA HA! | EndingFed News Network

A roundup of the best Hillary Clinton memes from the 2016 campaign, plus classic 'Texts From Hillary.': Monica Lewinsky Ex-Boyfriend's Wife for President

Monica Lewinsky #dontvoteformonicasboyfriendswife....


Monica Lewinsky Talks Becoming a Halloween Costume

Monica Lewinsky on What It's Like to Become a Halloween Costume: There's a 'Fine Line Between Clever and Cruel'

Monica Lewinsky Comes Back To Haunt Hillary Clinton, Drops Bombshell That Could…


Monica Lewinsky | ARE YOU SERIOUS? HILLARY IS TRYING TO PORTRAY TRUMP AS A WOMANIZER??? | image tagged in monica lewinsky | made w/ Imgflip meme maker


Monica Lewinsky Hillary Clinton Vote


Remember Hillary quote, "This is a vast right-wing conspiracy against us." She has known since Bill's days as Arkansas governor that her husband had affairs, but she not only continued to lie and cover up and spin, but tried to Blame the Right for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. WORST!! - she Maliciously & Deliberately did Everything she COULD to RUIN the LIVES of those women who were involved with Bill!!!

1995 - Presidente William Jefferson Clinton posa para uma foto com uma estagiária da casa branca, Monica Lewinsky.

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