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David Gonzales DGA Marilyn Monroe Heartbreaker Poster 18 x 24 Homies

Creator of the homies new T-Shirt line at or beautiful work and merch


Mini Biografia de Ritchie Valens - Obituário da Fama!


Maria Flores - 1800’s - Ocampo Family Photograph Collection Visit: The Chicana/Chicano Experience in Arizona, Arizona State University Libraries via Chicano Art Movement

Lalo Alcaraz, a political cartoonist and Chicano, is most famously known for his comic strip "La Cucaracha." He soon joined the occupy wall street movement and the 99 percent campaign, creating this poster as a tool to express his opinion. Defining himself as an "angry Chicano," Alcaraz knows what it feels like to be the oppressed underdog.


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CHICANA FEMINISM, also referred to as Xicanism, is an ideology based on the rejection of the traditional “household” role of a Mexican-American woman. In challenges the stereotypes of women across the lines of gender, ethnicity, class, race, and sexuality. Most importantly, it serves as a middle ground between the Chicano Movement and the Women’s Liberation Movement.

Painting by Diego Rivera . . . chismosas!


At the Estrada Courts housing project in Boyle Heights the walls are time capsules of the Chicano art movement. via #upnews

At the Estrada Courts housing project in Boyle Heights, the walls are time capsules of the Chicano art movement. Beginning in the 1960s, Mexican-American artists began emblazoning drab cinder-block and stucco walls with brightly colored murals, which represented the dreams, aspirations and cultural pride of a population that might have otherwise felt trapped in their environs. In...