Chill out ambient track

Another one of my favourite albums of best song for me is 'On top'.

USED: Post your Prayer Requests on Instapray. Pray with the whole world --------->

Psalm Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heaven!

Inspiring Acoustic Guitar Pack

Buy Starting Up A Perfect Day by martinmemlah on AudioJungle. Motivational power pop-rock track with echoing electric guitars, bass, drums and piano. Very positive and cheerful, i.

musicare: “Quadrinho: Alma de Pipa - Tribo da Periferia ”

musicare: “Quadrinho: Alma de Pipa - Tribo da Periferia ”

New obsession... Peter Kater's music. I'm learning "Ascent" right now. It's breathtaking.

GRAMMY Award nominee and multi-platinum selling pianist and composer, Peter Kater has been a leading innovator of New Age and Contemporary Instrumental music for over three decades.

"Time passes... The things that terrify you now will some day be part of your past. Remember that, and you can stop beating yourself up, and enjoy your life a little bit more." ~Stevie Nicks

Gypsy Woman

My novel "Hippie Drum" is inspired by experiences like this. As I've pondered the hippie movement, the one element I long overlooked was the Gypsy influence. Dance, sing, and play the tambourine .

This was to die for. And so easy, I will never buy a can of chocolate frosting again.

How to Make Easy Chocolate Frosting

I've decided to share my go to recipe for a simple, quick chocolate frosting. Begin by creaming butter until smooth. If using a mixer, use paddle attachment.

Highland Cathedral.  By the third repeat, I'm looking for someone to fall in love with.

Catherine The Brave: Masz Ci człowieku dudziarzy/Freakin' bagpipers - I love them! A story about bagpipes and Seamus Ennis

Because she deserves every bit of critical aclaim she receives: Both she and this album are awesome.

Adele 21 Album Breaks Madonna’s U. Record Adele 21 Album Breaks U. longest consecutive weeks spent at the top of the album charts by a female solo artist.Adele Breaks Madonna's U. Album Chart Record: May Catch Marley

Humor, otherwise we'd lose the rest of what sanity we have left.

18 Things Only People Who Hate Camping Understand

500 Greatest Albums of All Time: The Fugees, 'The Score' | Rolling Stone

500 Greatest Albums of All Time

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The Spiritual Age by Owen Waters - Earth Angels & Angelic Lightworkers