top 9 Fan made my little pony songs!!! THESE REALLY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! Love them all!!!!!!!!!

the top 9 my little pony fan fiction songs I give full credit to the accual song writers if you want to look at the accual songs indivdually here are the lin.

Me at school, because otherwise someone is going to be like, "your in 8th grade and your listening to a playlist of My Little Pony Songs!"

So true once I was listening to music during class and my friend starting singing along to the song I was listening too

my little pony equestria girls raimbow rocks theme song

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

My Little Pony is an American animated television series produced by Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions based on the My Little Pony toys released by Hasbro. The series featured as the first segment of a program called My Little Pony 'n Friends. The second segment would be an unrelated cartoon based on another Hasbro franchise - either Glo Friends, MoonDreamers or Potato Head Kids.

I'm a child of the I loved My Little Pony and Care Bears and ThunderCats. But mostly I loved My Little Pony. I was a My Little Pony.

•Rainbow dash and apple jack• am I the only one that sees the resemblance~ yes it's a my little pony reference deal with it

girls like girls. I'm like literally addicted to this song I used to listen to it secretly while I was figuring out my sexuality

The Pony I want to be [With Lyrics] - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - YouTube

Season 5 Episode 18 Crusaders of the Lost Mark Song : The Pony I want to be Diamond Tiara's song voice : Chantal Strand Music by : Daniel Ingram Lyrics by : .