Mycroft Holmes: Everyone Dies. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage.

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And at that moment I became a crying mess

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Sherlock, Mycroft and 'the other one'. Could there be another ...

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Me when people wonder why I don't go out

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Okay, so Rebekah TJLC Explained has suggested that most of the stuff Mycroft is involved is in Asia, but I think, not all. He "wades in" to Serbia, and he obviously involves himself with Magnussen, who is European, has well as issues of "national" importance, like the Bruce-Partington plans. Perhaps he is simply involved in issues of surveillance and "secret states"?

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Even though the pair may hate each other both know that they wouldn't last a day without either of them both

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Mark Gatiss / Mycroft Holmes / Sherlock serie

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Mycroft Holmes on the Umbrella Throne...

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Steve just looked at me when this happened and was like, "that's you."

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Mycroft - New Season 4 Promo still

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