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Enviada do ACNUR, Angelina Jolie visita região em Mianmar com mais de 100 mil pessoas deslocadas

Enviada especial do ACNUR, Angelina Jolie Pitt em Myitkyina, no estado de Kachin, Mianmar, encontrou com algumas das 100 mil pessoas deslocadas que atualmente vivem lá. Foto: ACNUR / T.Stoddart


Photo by @chien_chi_chang A quartet of pipers practices for the annual Manaw festival in Myitkyina Myanmar (Burma.) "After a cacophonous start" says one listener the boys "pulled together to play an almost harmonious tune." This festival has been held for more than three decades and is the celebration of the New Year victory in battles and reunion of the tribes. #magnumphotos #Manawfestinal #KachinState #cccontheroad #cccJetLag by natgeo


Angelina Jolie visita refugiados e se encanta com senhora de 90 anos

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On the march toward the siege lines around the town of Myitkyina, Chinese soldiers pass the bodies of dead Japanese troops killed in earlier action against Allied troops.


Chinese pilots enjoy ice cream cones at an Allied canteen during the Burma Campaign following the Allied recapture of the Ledo Road (renamed the Stilwell Road) from the Japanese. Near Myitkyina, Kachin State, Burma (Myanmar). January 1945. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Hundreds join vigil for peace in Kachin State Hundreds of people gathered in the Kachin State capital Myitkyina on Monday to call on the Burmese army to end its offensive against the KIA.

de Pacific Paratrooper

May 1944 (3)

16 May – Merrill’s Marauders attacked the airfield near Myitkyina in Burma. Stilwell became angry with the British, who had moved in antiaircraft guns before the glider-borne reinforcements. This error allowed the Japanese to move in more troops before the Americans and monsoons hindered the sir supply. Other Japanese commands in Burma were receiving pressure from Allied forces: the enemy U-Go operation ran short on supplies; by the end of May, Japanese Gen. Sato’s 31st Division had to...


US 75-mm howitzer crew firing at Japanese positions in Myitkyina, Burma, June 1944


Chinese Nationalist soldier, age 10, May 1944 (Wikipedia)


Burma | Elderly Kachin Woman in Tradition Dress. Myitkyina | © Nevada Wier/Corbis