Norwich Terrier. They are members of the terrier group. They are great vermin hunters. They stand under 10 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 12 pounds. Winners: 1994 and 1998.

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Norwich Terrier

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Boris, Norwich Terrier (4 y/o), Lafayette & Bleecker, New York, NY • “He’s a native New Yorker and a Buddhist – Borisattva – he loves and is concerned with everybody equally.”

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Norwich Terrier ~ bred to hunt small vermin or rodents. With a friendly personality, Norwich Terriers are today mostly a companion dog breed. One of the smallest terriers, these dogs are generally healthy, but are relatively rare, due in part to their low litter size

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Norwich Terrier puppy

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Norwich Terrier Love the little rough and ready Norwich

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Norwich Terrier

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Norwich Terriers are confident, affectionate, stubborn, and energetic. They may be the smallest of the Terriers, but they pack an oversized personality. If you have one of these characters at home, you know these ten things to be true.

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Norwich terrier - I took a quiz and was told this is the type of dog I should get. Cutie <3

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Norwich Terrier @teddythenorwich on Instagram

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