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O Que Significa Spam

Só pq vc não pode entender algo não significa que isso é errado

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Isto é uma chatice. Ando a receber este tipo de emails todas as Sextas Feiras... Parece SPAM. Isto significa também que está aí o fim de semana. Queres aprender junto comigo uma nova profissão?! Vou ajudar-te e ensinar-te tudo o que aprendi e que me esta a garantir receber estes emails todas as semanas. Começa aqui:

Community Post: Entendendo Ragatanga - descubra de uma vez por todas o que significa "Aserehe Ra De Re"!

Mas o que diabos quer dizer isso? Aparentemente não faz sentido nenhum!!! | Community Post: Entendendo Ragatanga - descubra de uma vez por todas o que significa "Aserehe Ra De Re"!

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Does Size Matter? All You Need To Know About Print Resolution Dpi ppi dots per inch points per inch lines per inch these are confusing for designers and photographers and printers alike. Here Thomas Kuohattempts to explain what it means and if your camera has enough megapixels to handle it. Your camera uses pixels the printer prints in dots You can think of them as the same thing they are singular points of color data. If you have a 1in x 1in image at 100 dpi how many dots do you have in…

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Yay! This morning's Flower Mandala pattern now up on the blog I am much quicker at typing these up now Mr B and the kitties are very happy as it means their dinner arrives in front of them far less burnt and much earlier on a Monday now than it used to Expect a little spam with this one... feels like I got my Crojo back again #SFMGS #crochetaddict #crocheteveryday

AppRadio Unchained Reloaded v0.26 Lunes 16 de Noviembre 2015.Por: Yomar Gonzalez | AndroidfastApk AppRadio Unchained Reloaded v0.26 Requisitos: 4.0 y arriba ROOT Información general: AppRadio Unchained Reloaded permite completa reflejo de su teléfono desde su AppRadio. Esto significa que cualquier aplicación puede ser controlado desde la pantalla de la unidad principal y no sólo unos pocos que están especialmente adaptados.Para esta aplicación para arraigar el trabajo que se requiere. No…

Okay. Wow. I'm mad right now because I checked out this girl who spammed me because I liked to see who she is, and she actually took almost ALL my board names. Literally, same font EVERYTHING! It's not fair because some of us work VERY hard to get the account we want and it means a lot to have 4,000 followers! I'm not trying to be mean but seriously? Please get more ideas or I will block you :( xx -Sidney

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"We climb and climb and at the top we fly. Let the world go on below us, we are lost on time. And I don't know really what it means. All I know is that you love me in my dreams." - REO Speedwagon

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it means everything - indeed

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