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From Pirates to secret societies, from Bank of England to the Royal Bank of Scotland, From Canada to Asia. see how all of these are connected in solving this worlds greatest unsolved mystery.

Oak Island Money Pit: Latest Developments

Oak Island Treasure Mystery, Nova Scotia, Canada – supposedly hidden and booby-trapped by Captain Kidd's crew.

Here follow a number of objects which have been found on Oak Island by groups undertaking excavations over the years. They may not be treasure, but perhaps give us an idea of the people that have w...

Artifacts found on Oak Island

Fragment of brass brought up by the Becker Drill at a depth of 174 feet. It was imbedded in putty-like blue clay at a level of about 10 feet.

A memorial for 6 people who died while seeking the treasure on Oak Island. There is a rumor that there is a curse on the island and the island mysteries won't be unlocked until the 7th death.

Memorial for the 6 people who have perished on Oak Island, NS regarding the Oak Island Money Pit digs

Waking Up Bagtas: Nova Scotia: The Curse of Oak Island

Photo - This coin can be dated back to around 1652 - this is for comparison coin of the actual coin found [photo