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Ohio State beats Alabama in Sugar Bowl to reach playoff final

"You're just a guy from Ohio - maybe you can't outsmart a lot of people, but you can outwork anyone." - Legendary Ohio State Football Coach Woody Hayes

Legendary coach Woody Hayes shows his toughness to the weather at the Ohio State-Michigan State game on Saturday, November The Buckeyes won that game in an upset victory at East Lansing.

Ohio State vs. Michigan @Christina Childress LaMaida

This should be a Geico commercial! "Friend don't let friends root for Michigan, it's what you do." Kids, please cheer responsibly!

OHIO State Man Cave/Bar-basement stairs

Now that's a way to make an entrance if your a Buckeye fan, right? What do you have to do in order to earn one of the Buckeye stickers - or is it a secret?