One Direction Imagines Preferences | One Direction Preferences #1 The Shoes He Buys You:

One Direction Preferences, One-Shots, and Imagines (CURRENTLY ON HOLD) - One Direction Preferences #1 The Shoes He Buys You:

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1D's Most Epic Tour #Fails

I laughed so hard at this because you know its liam falling and he takes Louis with him like how cute is that and his hat fell off and I can just see him being like oh boy well that hurt (gif)>>OH MY GOSH IM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS GIF

One Direction's Biggest Tour Fails - Harry Styles Trips On Stage - Seventeen

1D's Most Epic Tour #Fails

first time you watch this: admire Ziam. second time you watch this: look at harry falling in the background lol (GIF)

One Direction Unplugged: the Movies, the Girls, the Sold-Out World Tour & This Is Us

One Direction Shows Us Their Style Onstage And Off

I'm loving Niall's face in this picture! Not that I dont like his face noramlly, I just like his face a little extra in this picture.

All smiles: One Direction were seen smiling backstage together before their emotional final gig on Saturday night

One Direction pictured backstage before emotional final gig

one direction shirt

one direction shirt looovvveeeee this one. WANT One Direction One Direction One Direction Heart Heart Heart

Liam, I have leather shoes and a leather jacket! Does that count? Zayn, I practically live in work out clothes. Does that count? Niall, I like gum. Does that count? Harry, I love wearing my hair in a messy fashion. Does that count? Louis, I'm pretty sure I have one of the loudest laughs ever. Does that count?

I always have messy hair, and I'll hit the gym just incase he shows up. I chew gum ALL the time. And I laugh like crazy. I'll be right back. Getting a leather jacket.

pics+of+one+direction+2014 | Entradas One Direction Madrid 2014 | Entradas y Conciertos

ONE DIRECTION: WHERE WE ARE has gotten Stars from 115 GoodReads fans. It's the only official book to describe the last two years of fun and whatever for the boy band. (no reading info yet)

One Direction: The Coolest 1D Merchandise on the Web

One Direction: The Coolest 1D Merchandise on the Web

One Direction @Olivia Foote... we need these!!!!! if we got them... we could wear them to 1D3D!

one direction vans Louis should wear these ;) <<<< forget Lou, I NEED THESE!