Um orb como Yin Yang tatuagem. O símbolo é envolto em uma esfera como a estrutura de ecrã plasma com efeitos flutuando em torno dele.

An orb like Yin Yang tattoo. The symbol is enveloped in an orb like structure with plasma effects floating around it.

Ouroboros with "stay true"                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Ouroboros 오우로보로스 VS 코뚜레 Indian style Ouroboros with "stay true" Mais

9ccaea2ee1c599eaf9a112391f08c045.jpg (736×1644)

9ccaea2ee1c599eaf9a112391f08c045.jpg (736×1644)

ouroboros | Dragon Ouroboros by Devin-Rowell

tattoo idea- ouroboros meaning "out of all destruction comes creation and out of all creation comes destruction"

"Be still" in Gaelic Irish... My first tattoo :)

"Be still" in Gaelic Irish. My next tattoo :) Collarbone Tattoo W/ four leave clover small numb 54 in numerals.

Scales by Amisgaudi on deviantART                                                                                                                                                     More

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