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Fun fact: Did you know the Otterhounds are more rare than the Giant Panda?

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Otterhound #MustLoveDogs best dog ever! Waterproof and oily coat with web paws.

Otterhounds are large, rough-coated dogs with great strength, dignity, and a wonderful musical voice that can be heard from a great distance. A packhound, it was originally bred to hunt its quarry on land or water, but will fit in as a family companion.

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Otterhound liver color. So beautiful. These dogs are the best. They don't bark, they have a bey.

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Otterhounds are a dog breed that show great dignity.

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Have you thought about adding a Great Pyrenees to your family? Here's a basic guide to determine if a pyr might be a good fit!

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Otterhound www.dogsandpuppies.co.uk

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