I totally did this with a title to a paper and I'm going to add more when I make the paper longer.

I play a little game called"Let's see how many band references and quotes and inside jokes I can put in my assignments before I get caught".

DIY Super Bowl Decor & Activities Definitely going to put this up for the Residents at my work.

Party Game - Have kids try to place the football between the goal posts. Fun for a sports or football birthday party. Or even something for kids to do at a Super Bowl party.



Undertale, Beware Beware Be Skeptical, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing AMV - created via pinthemall.net

, Beware Beware Be Skeptical, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing genocide Chara Papyrus Alphys Mettaton Monster kid Sans Toriel Flowey Frisk

This is pretty close to my town

I have Skye and Canberra. But i really want Merengue and Frita.

Pixel & Comfy Gif dumps - Album on Imgur

Pixel & Comfy Gif dumps