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Many girls who have short nails, think that it is difficult to have a nice manicure design. But this is so wrong, if you choose the right nail polish color and design, you can have nice and stylish nail art design, even if your nails are too short.
2016 Nail Trends - 101+ Pink Nail Art Ideas
nails -                                                      Not crazy about the accent nail, but then again, I don't like textured nails. Everything else, I love.
Black & Grey SNS ombre   #snsnails #sns #winternails #venusnailswanneroo
I FOUND MY IDENTICAL HAND TWIN!!!!!!!!! OPI'S "Taupe-less Beach"                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Signature Nail System SNS 1 Oz Dipping Powder Pre-Bond Color 1-350 Free Shipping 2
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Not grey. Not purple. A little of both. Perfect fall neutral #SNS Powder