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WATCH: Poet's Viral Defense Of Breastfeeding In Public

Mothers who have been shamed for breastfeeding in public have a new anthem. British poet Holly McNish's incredible spoken word poem, "Embarrassed," attacks everything from aggressive formula marketing to the double standard of anti-breastfeeding discrimination in a world of "billboards covered in tits."

WHY is it ok to have a billboard IN TIMES SQUARE w/ a TOPLESS supermodel, who LOOKS 12 covering her breasts w/ her hands. But not ok to BREASTFEED in public????

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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Feeding Wrap Brown for privacy. Snuggle your baby close and breastfeed discreetly with this Tommee Tippee nursing wrap. The cute wrap is stylish and functional, so you can feed your little one on demand whenever and wherever. The wrap adjusts to fit your personal comfort desires. Includes: Removable Cover Features: Adjustable Closure Certifications: Meets CPSC Standards Material: Cotton, Polyester Protective Qualities: Color Fast Care and Cleaning: Machine…

Bellyitch: Alyssa Milano questions breastfeeding v. nude Kim Kardashian cover double standard

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Black Maternity Labor and Delivery Hospital Gown -Super Soft -Perfect Snaps for Breastfeeding, Skin to Skin, and Epidural

Maternity Hospital Delivery Gown in Black Sateen Fabric. Prettier than that standard issued gown but designed with the hospital in mind! Your doctor and nurse can easily access anything they need, without you having to disrobe!


A model breastfeeds two babies in Equinox's 2016 advertising campaign

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Breastfeeding...& most women feeding their children do NOT open up their entire shirts to do so. They show less than alot of women do who are just walking around in their regular outfits (while NOT feeding another human being).

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Breastfeeding Law

If you eat healthy, you will be healthy. If you eat like shit, you will look and feel like shit. Simple. Always choose whole organic food rather...

nursing cover breastfeeding cover personalized custom made nursing scarf READY TO SHIP camo slogan printed for breastfeed mom new mom gift

Slogan breasfeeding cover is always a great choice for mom-to-be. Apart from the 4 standard meaningful slogans, you can also have your own design. It would be such a memorial piece between you and your little one/ you and your love.