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Make a Small Bath Look Larger

To live up to its focal-point status, the shower is wrapped in luxurious marble mosaic tile. A simple white vanity balances the splurge.

This Egyptian wall treatment is made up of red, white, yellow, green, and black marble to form a mosaic of geometric patterns based on five and ten point stars typically found in mosques.


Bolinhas douradas | Georgiana Paraschiv

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"The Hellenic pharaohs decided to produce a deity that would be acceptable to both the local Egyptian population, and the influx of Hellenic visitors, to bring the two groups together, rather than allow a source of rebellion to grow. Thus Osiris was identified explicitly with Apis, really an aspect of Ptah, who had already been identified as Osiris by this point, and a syncretism of the two was created, known as Serapis, and depicted as a standard Greek god." From:

This Kitchen is the Size of a Walk-In Closet

A mirrored backsplash, an electric cooktop that doubles as countertop, and simple cabinetry give the illusion of grandeur in Stokes's tiny kitchen. She designed a specific space for every pot, plate, and peppermill.

Explanation Of Higgs Boson - God Particle - Cern

Why Is The Higgs Boson So Hot Right Now - excellent analogy, Gabriel Bell. Bieber as a massive particle, ha!


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20 Modern Bathrooms With Glass Showers

Ultra Modern Bathroom With Glass Shower