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WATCH: Poet's Viral Defense Of Breastfeeding In Public

Mothers who have been shamed for breastfeeding in public have a new anthem. British poet Holly McNish's incredible spoken word poem, "Embarrassed," attacks everything from aggressive formula marketing to the double standard of anti-breastfeeding discrimination in a world of "billboards covered in tits."


Bellyitch: Alyssa Milano questions breastfeeding v. nude Kim Kardashian cover double standard


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A model breastfeeds two babies in Equinox's 2016 advertising campaign


I don't like when women don't attempt to cover themselves, but this statement is so true!


Telling moms they have a right when they don’t sets them up for humiliation and trauma. Holding a nurse-in, then going home and forgetting about it doesn’t spare the next mom. If a state has an enforceable law, know how the enforcement works. And if you want to fight for a country in which women are free to breastfeed and pump without harassment or fear of losing their jobs, then let’s do it together.


If you eat healthy, you will be healthy. If you eat like shit, you will look and feel like shit. Simple. Always choose whole organic food rather...

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Breastfeeding Mom Learns Victoria's Secret Doesn't Always Support Boobs

Nursing rights. Link to an article about a woman not being allowed to nurse at a Victoria's Secret after spending a fair amount of money in their store. #Breastfeeding #Nursing #Womensrights

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nursing cover breastfeeding cover personalized custom made nursing scarf READY TO SHIP camo slogan printed for breastfeed mom new mom gift

Slogan breasfeeding cover is always a great choice for mom-to-be. Apart from the 4 standard meaningful slogans, you can also have your own design. It would be such a memorial piece between you and your little one/ you and your love.

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Dear In laws, Thank you, but I think I know my baby better than you.

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