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The first cakes can be traced back thousands of years to the Middle East, where they were flat baked mixtures of coarsely ground grain and water. Later, honey and sugar became standard ingredients, then sweet spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. When cakes made their way to Europe, they evolved to the status of sweetened breads, leavened with yeast. During the 17th century cakes took on the rich, delicate qualities familiar today. This fanciful cake recipe has cream cheese frosting…

RUSSIAN RED - This is the standard commercial garlic grown throughout British Columbia. There are two strains referred to as "Russian Red", one is a true Rocambole and the other a Marbled Purple stripe. This strain is often mistakenly called a Rocambole by growers. It does have a flavor similar to Rocamboles in its complexity. Beautiful purple bulb wrappers. Clove wrappers are brown and purple. This strain produces large bulbs that are easy to peel and store very well .

Hand Sign Number 1-10 | PlanToys® it has the hand signal for the numbers (done in Ameican Sign Language) it has dots underneath each number as well!! LOVE!!!!

Chesnok Red is yet another one of the garlics from the Republic of Georgia in the former USSR. Chesnok is a standard Purple Stripe and has the typical heavy purple striping that gives this variety its name. They have about as much purple as Rocamboles but the background color of the bulb wrappers is much more whitish, making for a very attractive appearance. Chesnok Red can become a rather large garlic with excellent growing conditions.

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Blackberry and Basil Swiss Roll - the Swiss roll may not be from Switzerland and…

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