Say NO to Animal Testing
STOP animal testing - Buy CRUELTY-FREE Products & Sign every petition you can, against it.
SHAME on Cardiff University! And SHAME on human beings for allowing this to happen!
Companies that do animal testing. To be honest I'm surprised by a few of them...all should be ashamed!
Mandatory animal testing in China has caused many "cruelty-free" brands to eschew ethics in favor of winning a piece of China's $15 billion cosmetics market. You might be surprised at what we uncovered about some pretty well-known companies.
animals are not ours to experiment on
Stop testing on our furry friends!!! I'm so glad Younique does NOT test on animals!
These companies test on animals. But there's one thing that you can do to stop them. Check this list to make sure you're not supporting these brands.
"Pare o teste em animais"