Strawberry Moon.

Beautiful moonrise over the water from a park bench. Never before in my life have I seen the moon so HUGE!

the bench where Jordan and Lover meet

Bank / Gartenbank / Parkbank - Bench in the Park / Garden Bench + Herbst / Autumn / Fall

Autumn's Paint Brush - ♔LadyLuxury♔

I can think of few things better than sitting on a bench and watching the leaves fall 🍁

Park benches in London

The Most Stunning Shots Of London - Page 9 of 12

Autumn in Central Park, #Manhattan

Autumn in Central Park, Manhattan --> the perfect place for fall engagement & outfit photos.

Shakespeare Garden - Central Park, New York NY - Original image from "I Do New York" blog entry dated December 2011

Shakespeare Garden - Central Park I loved walking around this little garden.

Richmond Park bench

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