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Embera, Panama Living in the Darien Jungle and the Chagres River National Park…


Women in San Blas cross from one island to another on their tree trunk canoes to sell molas winis and handmade accessories representing their culture hoping not to get caught in the middle of a storm that can drag them away from their hometown into the open ocean in order to provide an additional income for their families. Today is the International Indigenous Women Day and Panama is lucky to celebrate women from 7 different indigenous groups who want to share their culture with the world…

A majority of the indigenous people who live in the Darien earn money by growing plantain bananas which are then shipped upriver to Yaviza and eventually sold in Panama City. This is a relatively new development though, as money was not a priority before hunting was banned in the National Park.


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Tucán de pico castaño en el parque nacional de Darien, en Panamá.