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Patterdale Terrier---awesome pic

Many Patterdale Terrier dogs in shelters or with rescue groups are already trained and ready to go! Adults have a much longer attention span than puppies, too, which means they're easier and faster to teach.


Patterdale Terriers are considered by many to become the elite of the go-to-terrier breeds.

Patterdale Terrier Information and Pictures, Patterdale Terrier

Pictures of Patterdale Terrier Dog Breed


How well do you know the breed? - Patterdale Terrier

I want a petterdale terrier as my first dog! :)

puppy Bessy - patterdale terrier

Patterdale terrier

The Patterdale Terrier was bred in 18th-century Britain for hunting rabbits. It is independent, robust, and willing to dig up any animal that tries to escape it underground. It will also take on any dog it comes across, and can be difficult to train. Interestingly, it has developed a handsomely muscled & trim appearance without aesthetics being a consideration in the breeding process. The Patterdale is not suited to urban living, and requires a lot of exercise, but does well in any…