Paul Michael Glaser...I had this poster by my bed ....oh, it was 1980-something :-)

Paul Michael Glaser (born March is an American actor and director perhaps best known for his role as Detective David Starsky on the television series, Starsky & Hutch. Glaser also appeared as Captain Jack Steeper on the NBC series Third Watch from 2004 to

Paul Michael Glaser. My first crush. I will love this man forever.

Ahhhhhh My STARSKY---I had such a MAD crush on him back in the became of Paul Michael Glaser?

I absolutely LOVED this show and Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) was my first love!  ♥

Starsky and Hutch Pictures - Page 6 : With David Soul (Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson), Paul Michael Glaser (David Starsky), Antonio Fargas (Huggy les bons tuyaux), Bernie Hamilton (Capitaine Harold Dobey),

Paul Michael Glaser, left, and David Soul, debuted as "Starsky & Hutch" on this date in 1975. The ABC detective series ran only four seasons, but made its mark on pop culture with distinctive characters such as Huggy Bear (Antonio Fargas) and the red and white Ford Gran Torino driven by Starsky. Glaser and Soul made cameos in the 2004 movie version starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

April 10 Where did the time go? David Soul, who was starring with Paul Michael Glaser in the popular ABC police drama ‘Starsky & Hutch,“ hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts on this day in 1977 with

Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser back in the day. He was Starsky to David Soul's Hutch.

Paul Michael Glaser, October 2017

Paul Michael Glaser, October 2017

Paul Michael Glaser & David Soul - Starsky & Hutch

Paul Michael Glaser & David Soul - Starsky & Hutch (from the pilot movie)